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  • Time Clock 5.0

    Markosoft's Time Clock is a very helpful application that saves your time through simplifying capturing of time data and makes process of tracking
  • Time Clock MTS 4.1.5

    Time Clock MTS allows you to use any PC on your network to record and report on employee work hours. It completely replaces manual time card machines
  • Time Clock SBE 1.2

    Time Clock SBE 1.2 offers users a free yet ideal time keeping software program for small businesses with up to 15 employees looking to manage their
  • CKZ Time Clock 4.11.01

    CKZ Time Clock gives you 2 options for how your employees clock in and out. By selecting the list option your employees simply select their name and
  • Time Clock Biz 4.0

    Time Clock Biz is a software application that will track your clients and your employees by time. TimeClockBiz 4.0 ??? A Time Clock for
  • Emp Time Clock 2.01

    EmpTimeClock IS Your Complete Employee Time Clock / Punch Clock software solution.EmpTimeClock.com Client easily manages all employee punches, while
  • Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1

    Time Clock Manager Pro is a time management software that will help you to record record when people get into the office and when they go out. The
  • HealthSoft Time Clock 8.18

    HealthSoft TimeClock is a user firiendly employee timeclock with the following features: tracks employee hours; print reports; unlimited users;
  • Lullaby Time Clock 2.0

    Eliminate attendance maintenance through checking the children and employees in and out on the computer. Compatible with Lullaby Management and use
  • Time Clock Software

    Smart Time Clock Software is timesheet management application with self sustained touchscreen functionality to maintain clock time in, clock time out
  • NTP Time Zone Clock 3.0

    Now you can get to know about local time of more than 300 cities by using inclusive software application NTP Time Zone Clock. You can select your
  • Touch Time Clock 1.0

    Do you fill out time cards by hand, or not at all? Touch Time Clock «The Time Clock Program» calculates payroll so you don`t have to. Employees
  • World Time Clock 2.57

    Now you can make your friend and family member happy by wishing their birthdays in time with handy software utility WorldTime Clock. It synchronizes
  • MapleSoft Time Clock 5.7.092008

    This 2 part program has a time clock that employees can clock in and out on. And a record and report component for viewing, editing and printing
  • Time Zone Clock 2.0

    Time Zones across the world can be selected with the Time Zone Clock, it can display the time zones in over 300 cities world wide. If you need a time
  • Markosoft Time Clock 4.2

    Markosoft created the Time Clock as a tool for it's own consultants to use for keeping track of the time spent on each task performed. When the
  • Time Clock Free -

    Time Clock Free is a fully featured web based time clock. We have all the features of a Standard Time clock, plus many more. Most Important - 100%
  • Atomic Clock Time Synchronizer v1.2.1

    Synchronizes time with NIST atomic time servers Proxy support: Socks4/Socks4A/Socks5/HTTP Supports SNTP (the Simple Network time protocol) Supports
  • Eye On Time Clock Screen Saver 1.0

    An eye desktop clock that uses your time settings to keep the time on your desktop. A very original desktop clock. A nice screensaver to have and
  • Easy Time Clock Driver 3.0

    Easy Time Clock Driver is our middleware software that is designed to maintain connection and communication between Easy Time Control database and
  • MIE In/Out Board Time Clock Software 1

    Time and Attendance Tracking Software tools help monitor when employees clock in and out of work. Although advanced tools like MIE In/Out Board manage
  • World Time Digital Clock 1.3

    World Time Digital Clock 1.3 is described as a handy, smart and effective program which is able to show the time more than 100 cities. All of the
  • CKZ Time Clock Free Edition 2.45

    CKZ Time Clock is your #1 Time Clock Software solution for replacing that old decrepit time clock. Once setup our Time Clock Software will help you
  • Biometric Employee Time Clock 4.0

    Biometric Employee Time Clock has a lot of useful features. Its major features are it supports Fingerprint authentication as well as network; it
  • systemDashboard - Time Monitor (clock) 1.2

    This is the 5th Widget in the systemDashboard Series. This Widget does exactly what its name implies... monitors the time so that you may know it at
  • Time With Water Clock Screensaver 1.0

    The scenes you will witness in the forest after the rainy season are right here in video in this free screensaver with a clock. Screensaver
  • ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock 5.5

    Anuko World Clock is a download for Windows that replaces the regular system clock with several time zones of your choosing. Knowing the time around
  • TimeZone Expert world time zone clock 2.8.01

    Timezone Expert World Time Zone Clock is a software for Windows(compatible with Windows 9X, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003) replaces the taskbar's system
  • Countdown Remaining Time or Count Elapsed Time Software 7.0

    Count Days, hours, minutes or seconds until a user-specified time. Count days, hours, minutes or seconds since a user-specified
  • The Time Machine Trapped in Time 1.0

    Take a leap through the fabric of space in The Time Machine - Trapped in Time, and save humanity before it's too late!Just prior to passing away, a
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  • 7art Cheerful Clock ScreenSaver 1.2

    Get 14 cheerful clock in one single clock screensaver: Atumn clock, Be Here Now clock, Mechanical clock, Lucid Dreaming clock, Neon clock, Orange clock, Picasso clock, Pifagor clock, Pizza clock, Radioactive clock,
  • 7art Clock Bundle ScreenSaver 1.1

    Get 14 clock at your desktop in one single clock screensaver: Aurora clock, Sun clock, 50s Retro clock, Soon clock, DJ Set clock, Salvadore Dali clock, Merry Flower and White Flower clock, Rainy clock, Liquid clock,
  • 7art Clock Pile ScreenSaver 1.1

    Get a bunch of original clock at your desktop in one single clock screensaver: Aurora clock, Sun clock, 50s Retro clock, Soon clock, DJ Set clock, Salvadore Dali clock, Merry Flower and White Flower clock, Rainy clock
  • SillyClocks 2.2

    Eleven clocks with funny time keeping. Sillyclocks is a small program that can display several clocks which will help you losing some time while trying to figure out what time it is. Version 2.2 offers eleven
  • Bexclock 3.02

    Bexclock is a tool which keeps your PC clock on time. It reads the real time from Atomic clock servers and adjusts your PC clock accordingly. Bexclock can be set to synchronize your PC clock and date every time you
  • CKZ Time Clock Free Edition 2.45

    CKZ time clock is your #1 time clock Software solution for replacing that old decrepit time clock. Once setup our time clock Software will help you manage all your employees without wasting time with old paper time
  • Clock Screen Saver 1.70

    clock Screen Saver is popular screensaver software that displays the current time in the way of cool digital or analog clock. Program has 3 clock modes: analog clock, digital clock and text-digital clock. You can
  • Fried Cookie MultiClock 2.9

    You can use handy software utility Fried Cookie Multiclock not only as a clock for your system but also as an alarm clock. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use for everyone. It displays time on your
  • Desk Clock (Standard Edition) 1.5

    Desk clock is a clock application. The following features are included:* Synchronize system clock with internet time Server.* Choose from three clock styles: Analog, Digital, and Text. The Analog clock includes a
  • Elegant Clock 6.7

    Elegant clock is a good-looking skinnable Analog clock you can run on the top of your desktop. Make your clock looks like a grandfather one or change it's appearance to something more usual - to the wristwatch, for
  • 1st Clock Light 1.0

    1st clock Light enhances the taskbar clock to display time AND date in any format you choose, in any colors and fonts. 1st clock displays advanced tooltip with fully customizable date/time information for the local time
  • Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock 5.0

    Computers can be boring and mundane, why not spice it up a bit, with a new Cuckoo clock. There is a lot of breathtaking graphics on Cuckoo clock - classical clock, futuristic clock, office clock, even Big Ben is
  • Clock Fun 1.2

    clock Fun! is a program for exploring clocks and time. Analog clock face Digital clock face Drag the clock hands Adjust the digital time Say the time several ways, for example: "twelve-forty-one" "nineteen til
  • Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver 1.0

    Ever wondered how a clock works? Want to see all the "internals"? Get this magnificent,realistic Mechanical clock 3D screensaver. All mechanisms work in perfect sync. The clockshows real computer clock time. The clock
  • Web Page Clock 1

    Web Page clock. Complete super easy to use Page clock with all clock options! Everyone in the world that recognize numbers can understand this great web page clock! Has complete page clock design options! You can
  • 3D Drunken Clock Screensaver

    Do you want a clock for your screen? Are you looking for something different? Are you tired of the classic clocks that glow and have fancy light effects? 3D Drunken clock Screensaver will "try" to give you the right
  • Blue M&M Clock Screen Saver 1.0

    A nice desktop clock that displays a cool blue m&m Character. The clock displays the time that you have set on your comnputer. You can hear the ticking of the clock. Every hour the clock dings the amount of times
  • Zone Clock 1.0.4

    Zone clock is a multi time Zone clock from UK Software. using a great looking interface, you can choose from over 26 world time zones to be shown on rotation at a user defined interval in seconds. You can also show time
  • Nautical Clock 1.0

    The clock Chimes with the traditional bell codes on the hour and half hour. It also has an alarm setting with selectable sound file for the alarm. The alarm is escalating, that is, the alarm sound starts low and
  • TimeFlow 2009

    timeFlow time clock Software is a networkable time clock software that runs on one or more computers. With this time clock, professional reports can be generated quickly. The software automates the time tracking and
  • Premium Clock discount for K-12 school district (15 copies) 2.21

    Premium clock Overview Premium clock is a compact utility that comprises an analog clock, digital clock, advanced alarm scheduler and a calendar.
  • The One Dollar Clock 1.0

    Are you tired of moving your mouse over the windows clock to find out what the day is? If so The One Dollar clock will take away all the pain. Download the One Dollar clock today and discover what others just like you
  • Always On Time 1.14

    Always On time is a Windows Internet utility that will connect to one of a dozen public atomic time servers and fetch the current atomic clock time value. If a difference in time is discovered between the atomic time
  • TClockEx 1.4.2

    TclockEx is an old and easy to use clock system that replaces the default clock available on Windows. After being installed, the clock can be seen in the system like the Windows one and shows the weekday and time using
  • RadioClock 1.7

    Radio clock listens to radio time signals from your radio and corrects the time on your PC clock. Radio clock enables you to decode the time signals sent by various LF and HF radio stations in the standard frequency and
  • Atom Timer 2.88

    Two pretty cool features, You would find in this enhanced clock.First, This is an Atomic clock software. It updates computer system clock using National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic time servers(NIST
  • Learn To Tell Time 2.0

    This program can be used to teach children how to tell time. It consists of a Digital clock and a real clock. time ca be set on the digital clock to learn how the hands of the real clock would appear. The real clock
  • Desktop Atomic Clock - Personal License 2.2

    Desktop Atomic clock is a powerful program that synchronizes clock of your computer via Internet. Desktop Atomic clock uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Atomic clock servers. It can also be used
  • ShadowClock 5.0

    Desktop clock for Windows, original windows clock is a transparent analog desktop clock which settle down at top of all other windows. When you work with text documents or use the Internet, transparent hours of a desktop
  • Chameleon Clock 5.1

    Skinnable digital clock that replaces Windows tray clock (and thus does not take any desktop space.) Enjoy customizing your clock's look using Winamp skins and bitmaps - there are more than 3000 of them available.