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  • Reference Request Form 5.1

    New employer requests information about applicant from his/her previous employer. Used by employer to verify information provided by applicant. Verifying the accuracy of information improves the selection process for
  • Employer Search 1.7

    The next generation in recruiter business development tools. What is employer Search? employer Search is an automated search tool that allows you to search hundreds of job posting sites - all at the same time. By
  • NvnTest 1.0

    It is hard for anybody to get right on paper and most of the online testing services are not effective. Because of this programmer looses an opportunity and employer either finds it difficult to hire good programmer or
  • ConsoXL 1.3.0

    Consolidate Excel forms (P&L, timesheet...) without selecting a cell! Have more time for data analysis. If you look at the total you will immediately see the breakdown of each cell without moving between sheets.
  • Color Sheets 2.0

    Color sheets are simple note sheets which can it is useful at any time when work on a computer. In these sheets it is possible to write down the short information. Everything that you have written down is kept in
  • Excel Join Merge and Combine Multiple Sheets Into One 9.0

    If you want to join Combine, or merge several more microsoft excel spreadsheets into one, then this software is for you! With this joining software, you can: * Select any number of Microsoft excel sheets to join,
  • CVTracker GOLD 1.2

    The CVTracker is an employer relationship mgt tool for job seekers. It lets you organize a job campaign with metrics, details on who you've dealt with, what contacts you've made, what companies you are researching,
  • AccuTimeCard 1.2.34

    The AccutimeCard application is a timecard 'on steroids'. Unlike traditional timecards, which are vulnerable to fudging and deliberate fraud, the system requires the worker to punch in and out in real-time, so that these
  • Picture Match Game Generator 2.1

    Picture Match Game Generator for generating bingo type sheets from your own photographs, scanned artwork or clipart. sheets can be 3x3, 3x4, 4x3 or 4x4 With or without grid lines. Up to 4 sheets can be generated
  • Excel Sheets Separator 14.6.24

    Are you still bothered by the cumbersome job of splitting multi-worksheet excel files into single-worksheet ones? You may have created one too many sheets in Excel, and now you want to move the sheets to separate Excel
  • Power Music 4

    Amazing new features - Annotate your music and your chord sheets. Transpose chord sheets with One Click while displaying music full screen. Import from new file format - PMzip. It's time for A BETTER WAY * No more
  • Tiletastic 1.0

    Tiletastic is a .NET Windows application for manipulating tile sheets. Tile sheets are images that contain a number of smaller images tiled together used in video games to prevent sending numerous small images to the
  • DCSoft CDRCue 2004.0

    DCSoft CDRCue is an application that helps you create CD-R cue sheets. CD-R cue sheets are short text files specifying the contents, order, and spacing of your CD-R disc, as you wish to burn it. Almost all major CD-R
  • IngeneaSoft Border Control 1.0

    Border Control is a free Solid Edge utility that automates the task of replacing background sheets in your Solid Edge draft files.You may need to modify your background sheets to satisfy: changes in corporate branding,
  • MetriQ®

    MetriQ is a time Management Software product suitable for individuals or businesses wishing to accurately track their work time. MetriQ is not a time sheet or stopwatch software, rather it is the modern 21st Century
  • Excel workbooks and worksheets merger -

    Excel - merge multiple workbooks and sheets into one Free - Combines multiple workbooks into one Workbook (different sheets) - Merges multiple sheets into one
  • Time Sheet Manager 2.0.1

    The DesignSoft time Sheet Manager is the perfect complement to the DesignSoft StopWatch and StopWatch Plus. Developed for those who don't need a full featured billing or accounting application, it is a simple
  • Estimators Calculator 1

    Estimator's Calculator to calculate the amount of sheets you can get from a reel and the weight of a stack of
  • SSMPropEditor 4.3

    Edit properties on multiple sheets belonging to AutoCAD's Sheet Set Manager (SSM) or AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator (PN) Sheet Set View with ease. If you want to change properties like a revision, date or name
  • WorkMaster 7.5.0

    WorkMaster 7.5.0 is a very serviceable and easy to use employee management program that tracks clock in & out time, stores employee and employer information, creates & edits work schedules and calculates employee
  • SheenCal Anti-Stress 1.0

    Now you can live better by using handy software application SheenCal Anti-Stress that helps you in reducing your stress. It is actually a stress diary that enables you to not only keep track of the time when you feel
  • Navigator Utilities 3.50

    Navigator Utilities - the "essential navigation tool" for all Excel power users. Navigator Utilities will save you heaps of time and frustration in finding your way around and auditing large (and small) Excel
  • Mathemania 3.1.2

    Mathemania enables you to quickly and easily generate math FACT practice sheets to print. You simply specify the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and number ranges you want to cover and
  • CSS Style Generator 1.1

    Create style sheets (CSS) in an easy to use, friendlygraphical user interface which allows you to design style sheets in a matter of
  • Control Sheets 1.1

    Quick control of display settings. Control sheets is a very simple desktop utility offering quick control over screen saver and display mode settings. It may be helpful, if you have to change these settings often. for
  • TimeTool 3.3.16

    timeTool is a windows based program which tracks time spent on projects. timeTool can be used to generate employee time sheets, customer invoices, or simply track time spent on given projects over a certain time period.
  • Claymore Time Sheets 1.0

    The Claymore time sheets system enables you to manage your employee's time. Each hour can be accounted for and billed appropriately. The system ties in with the Claymore Card Filer to let you enter a specific client to
  • Excel-Tool Split Excel Sheet 10.3.7

    The software can split a sheet into multiple sub sheets by the field in columns. You may have to split a very large worksheet into sub sheets by the field in columns, then the software is your right choice in simplifying
  • Desktop Sheets 1.0.6

    Features: Add note sheets to the desktop Edit the look of note sheets Screenshots with
  • OPTIMIK 2.24

    The Optimik program helps you in saving your time which you spend on thinking about cutting of Fiber board?s steel and stainless steel sheets, and in trying to achieve the most optimum arrangement of individual parts on