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  • Rdate Service

    Rdatesvc is a service for windows 2000 / windows XP that reads the current time from a unix time Server (port 37) and sets the local system time of the windows machine. Rdatesvc has been tested on windows 2000 and
  • Windows Time Agent 4.1.b.20080916R

    Domain time II windows time Agent is a special Control Panel applet that allows you to easily configure the Microsoft windows time Service instead of using the w32tm command-line utility or manually changing registry
  • MagicShut 1.0

    MagicShut is a program designed to shut down computers easily. More shutdown modes are allowed. MagicShut ensures more convenient shutdown. MagicShut, easy shut windows!MagicShut provides two kinds of shutdown modes,
  • Advanced App Saver 1.0

    If you leave a windows Explorer window open when you shut down your windows computer,you may have noticed that the next time you start windows, the window will reappear.Unfortunately, the same is not true for any other
  • Atomic Clock Sync

    Atomic Clock Sync helps you in keeping your local clock accurate and in repairing the windows time Service in that case when your computer is not able to check for Internet time updates. It is very easy to use, just
  • DB2 Run-Time Client Lite 8.2.9

    The DB2 Run-time Client Lite is a smaller footprint version of the DB2 Run-time Client, and contains support necessary for JDBC, SQLJ, ODBC, CLI, OLE DB and .NET. The software is shipped as a single executable, making it
  • MyTimer 1.5

    Mytimer is a monkey Alarm Clock application for windows, including countdowner and ShutdownEr. It waits for the chosen time and then. Features: -Shows a message, when time's up. -Can optionally shutdown the
  • RegMedic 2.4.05

    RegMedic can fix a corrupted Registry, even when windows cannot. This means no more formatting, no more reinstalling windows. Fix all those little annoying non-function problems in windows. RegMedic is the only one of
  • DeskPose 2D 1.0.2

    Too many open windows? Switch between tasks faster than ever before. We know that you have to work with many different windows at the same time. Now, finding and switching between them is easier than before. DeskPose 2D
  • Closing Time

    Closing time software is a simple little program which you can use to close open windows. It can close My computer windows only, all open windows or specific windows. Just right-click on a folder or drive and select
  • Digital Wall Clock 1.0.0

    timeTools are the manufacturer of digital wall clock ntp time synchronizer. Their usage enable windows sntp time client to synchronize time with selected Atomic Clock of synchronized NTP time server. It is compatible
  • TimeSlice for Windows 2.5.1

    timeSlice for windows is used for recording time tasks on windows 2000, XP, Vista and windows 7. timeSlice is useful for consultants, attorneys, graphic designers, or anyone who bills for time, or just wants a simple
  • Always On Time 1.14

    Always On time is a windows Internet utility that will connect to one of a dozen public atomic time servers and fetch the current atomic clock time value. If a difference in time is discovered between the atomic time
  • Desktop Restore 1.6.3

    This tiny application operates as a Shell extension. It records the layout and positions of icons and programs on the windows Desktop, and permits Restoration of the layout. It appears to operate correctly under windows
  • Logtime 2.1d

    Logtime is a small but powerful utility that assists users to track their time and cost while connected to their ISP Logtime is a little strong tool which will help you in tracking the time and cost while connected to
  • Kill Win 2.1.9

    Kill Win is a Shutdown-Utility for windows with many functions. Features: - works with windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP - places itself in SystemTray - can be start automatically - shutdown, Logoff windows - reboot,
  • Tardis 2000 1.6.1

    Tardis is a shareware utility for windows that makes sure your PC's clock tells the right time. It can find out what the right time is in various ways including accessing Internet-based Atomic Clocks, using networked
  • Windows NTP Time Server Client 1.0.0

    The atomic clock NTP time client software is used for synchronizing time on windows XP/2000/NT/95/98/Me. It is windows SNTP client that requires computer with a particular intranet or internet NTP time server for
  • Windows 7 Migration Advance -

    Get a Microsoft Certified expert to professionally migrate your applications, data and settings from windows XP and windows Vista to windows 7 on your new computer. Available 24/7 via online remote access, we will also
  • WinInstallDate 1.5

    Shows you when windows was installed. Shows you the date and time that windows was installed, how many days that it has been installed When did I install windows? This application is designed to tell you that very
  • FreeWatch 1.1

    Freewatch is a very simple stopwatch application. It will run under windows 95, windows 98, windows NT, windows 2000, windows XP and windows Vista. Heck, it might even work under windows 3.11. You may start as many
  • InstantTimeZone

    Shows current time and date of other time zones, next to your computer clock. On mouse over, the full time (with minutes) is diplayed, and comment or date. By left click, you can open a small windows for display time
  • Atomic Time Zone Regular Edition 5.1.12

    -Keeping you right on time no matter where you are in the world. Atomic time Zone adjusts your computers clock with the worlds most accurate time pieces; Atomic Clocks. -Atomic time Zone eliminates your computer from
  • Time Monitor 1.2.6

    time Monitor enables you to limit the time your kids spend using a computer. It is easy to use, and runs on windows XP, Vista, and windows 7. Its major features are it has ability to limit computer time to only so many
  • Windows Time Synchronizer 2.0

    windows time Synchronizer is a time client and server to synchronize the computer clock over the network. The time client receives the current time from a time server located in your local network or somewhere in the
  • Perfect Optimizer 6.00

    Perfect Optimizer offers you with an easy-to-use PC system speedup tools to maintain and boost the performance of your windows 7, windows Vista and windows XP PCs. Perfect Optimizer allows you to clean, fix windows
  • Windows Boot timer 1.0

    You can display the time taken by your computer to load windows by simply double clicking the handy windows Boot timer utility on the executable upon restart . it just takes the times from the instant BIOS starts
  • Net Time Server & Client

    The Net time Server & Client application allows you to synchronize your PC's system clock or all PC's system clock in your LAN using various time server types commonly available on TCP/IP networks,
  • iTime 1.0

    A Simple windows application which will make the windows tray clock alternate between your local time and Internet time.
  • Windows 7 Password Recovery 1.0

    windows Password Recovery offers you the easiest and safest way to reset your forgotten windows password. Software recovers the lost windows administrator or user password from any windows Operation System. All you have